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Mystic Magical Creatures

What are the best-known mythological creatures?

There are a lot of mythological creatures. However, those that have been most successful about recognition worldwide, are those that have managed to feel somehow identified, attracted, or interested with such stories; Among the best-known creatures are:


There is a great variety of cultures that have dragons among their mythological creatures, in Chinese mythology, they are known as beings who have exceptional ability and strength, worthy of admiration, they are kind, however, in Norse mythology the dragons were recognized as wild beasts, which they could protect to the death.


The unicorns, known as a magical and peaceful symbol, are said to have a great variety of powers and supernatural abilities, these mythological creatures are found as protagonists in a lot of stories of Norse mythology.His appearance was that of a lovely horse, which usually had white skin, its characteristic symbol is the horn on the head, these creatures had healing powers in their blood, due to the purity from which they came.


Part of the wildest mythological creatures, the Kraken is one of the species from the Norse mythology, in which it was believed that this beast was responsible for devouring the navigators, along with their crews.
The Kraken was a giant cephalopod that lived in the depths of the sea, the legends about this creature tell that the Kraken could be mistaken for islands, due to its large size. He also possessed the power to control the motor abilities of his victims.


It comes from Greek mythology; the illusion was a monstrous being, who had a tenebrous origin, daughter of Typhon and Echidna. This creature was a fusion of several animals, as its appearance was that of a creature with a lion’s head, goat’s chest and snake-like tail.
However, it is said that he had two heads, one goat and another lion; the creature could expel fire through the mouth, which made his attackers could not beat it. Chimeras are demonic creatures, which are assimilated to gargoyles, due to their monstrous appearance.


In Greek mythology, as well as in Egyptian mythology, the Phoenix is a bird with feathers wrapped in fire, this mythological creature represents immortality, in Egypt, it is known as Bennu, and it symbolizes the sun, since it dies every night, to be reborn in the mornings.
However, according to Greek mythology, the Phoenix lives in flames for 500 years, and when it is at the end of its life, it is consumed, generating the ashes from which it returns to life.
The origin of this creature is not exact, because it is said that the Phoenix was the only animal in Eden that avoided temptation, so God assigned him the ability to be eternal. However, it is one of the most significant and captivating mythological creatures.


Cóatl, also known as Quetzalcoatl, is one of the most peculiar Aztec mythological creatures, this is because in the Aztec region, Quetzalcoatl, was the son of Tonacacihuatl, who belonged to the Aztec gods, however, after the death of Quetzacóatl , this returns to the world of the gods, where it happened to be represented as a plumed serpent.
According to Aztec mythology, this creature is located in the night sky, therefore, it is spaces of the region it is known as a divine creature that is part of the Milky Way, worshiped for its support and love of the Aztec area, which taught significant trades, which would be useful in the future.


This creature belongs to Roman mythology, as well as to the Greek, it is known as a sea monster; its appearance was that of a horse and fish hybrid. In some mythological stories, it is narrated that the seahorses were heading to shipwrecks, with the aim of saving.
It is believed that the carriage of the god Poseidon was driven by a group of hippocampi. Therefore, these are known as peaceful creatures, which protected defenseless marine animals, the hippocampi used to be tamed by mermen or mermaids.


Ent, they are mythological creatures known to be from the forests, their appearance is a fusion of a tree and a human, their limbs are formed by branches, their feet are the trunks of the tree.
These creatures are known to be the guardians of the forests, their appearance changes with the process of the seasons. It is said that the origin of this species occurred when a beautiful young woman leaned back from a magical oak, thus forming a new creature.


It is a creature from Japanese mythology, known as a kind of snake. However, its name refers to that it had eight heads and eight tails. This Japanese mythological creature possessed eyes and a crimson belly.
This creature is recognized due to the story of the Japanese god Susanoo, who was responsible for killing the monster, to marry one of the future victims of the creature.


Gargoyles are representations found in a large number of monuments, as well as Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans, under adaptations of their respective culture. The gargoyles were considered a representation of the demons that when trying to escape from the sacred places, were turned into stone.
However, they are also known as a symbol of protection, since the primary purpose of their construction was their function as drainage channels, to preserve churches or other spaces.

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