Mad Science

Magick… What is it?

So you may have noticed that I use a weird spelling of the word “magic” – but if all you know about magick is “Rabbit out of a Top Hat”, Harry Potter, etc, then you don’t know magick.

So let us define some terms…

Magick is the way it is spelled if you mean it! By that, I mean to say that if you are doing such things a moving things with your mind (telekinesis), speaking to others (people, animals, trees, mushrooms) without using sound (telepathy), healing using the energy of your hands/body/chakras (Reiki), meditation for spiritual growth, etc. You are doing “Magick”…

(The truth, of course is that you are always doing Magick because you exist and if you ponder that long enough, you will gasp at just how magickal that fact is – too few do this).

The Magick above is, generally speaking known as “Low Magick” in magickal circles…and that is a pun because anyone familiar with various Pagan things knows all about “Magickal Circles” but I digress and will leave that for another post.

So called “Higher Magick” is when you invoke or “evoke” a spirit/god/daemon/faerie/etc of your choice into personal presence or actual physical presence so that you may communicate with them. This is done to gain wisdom, power, or other things.

At this point, if you are a traditional Baptist Church going Christian, you are no doubt cursing the ground I walk and consigning me to eternal damnation. Oh well. I’ve been a Baptist Christian so, I’m pretty sure you wrong about that, but we will see…

So Here I include a picture of my magical walking staff which I use whenever I go hiking in the various mountains and other places here in North Carolina. The top is an amethyst sphere for “Skrying” and the point is the center part of a large conch shell I found on the beach. The staff itself is a Oak or Elm staff which as been oiled and shod with a copper base (you cant see that) and adorned with Elder Futhark Runes that have special meaning to me.

So, some of you by now probably think I have lost my marbles.  “How is this engineering and science?” you ask…

I’ll tell you.  ALL Science was once magick, and ALL Engineering is applied Science, therefore applied Magick. Chemistry? Alchemy.  Physics? The Magick of the 4 Elements. Biology? The Magick of Animal husbandry, Herbalists, etc.

Magick just makes sure you never foget that there is a spiritual realm and aspect to all Science.  Those scientists who deny this in every way are usually the same ones you may see at a bar drinking and wondering why the field that looked so promising when they were young now seems to drain them of all desire.  Simple, your missing half!

What the hell do you think that sparkle is in the eye of a child?